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10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator 1360 1076 Victoria Sykes Events

One of the services I offer is on-the-day coordination. This isn’t actually just one day’s worth of work. I work with my couples 4-6 weeks before their wedding day and my job is to coordinate the wedding day. Here are 10 benefits of hiring an on-the-day coordinator:


As your wedding coordinator, I ensure all your months (or years) of hard work, planning your wedding day all run to plan, this allows you to fully relax and enjoy your day, knowing your wedding day is in safe hands.


4-6 weeks before your wedding, I’ll sit down with you and create a schedule of your day. Everything from; when the hair and makeup artists need to arrive, to when the groomsmen need to be at the ceremony to welcome guests, when you need to be putting your dress on, when guests will start arriving to the reception, through to when each speech will start and finish, to when you’ll be cutting your cake and having your first dance. This is a really important part of the wedding coordinator role, as we are experienced in what timings work best for a wedding.


I will introduce myself to all your suppliers as your wedding coordinator. I will become their first point of contact in the weeks leading up to the wedding. This leaves you to enjoy your last few weeks as a Miss! I will obviously let you know of anything you’ll want to know but I just take that extra job off of your hands.


Depending on your wedding, if set up is happening a day or so before your wedding day, I’ll be there to coordinate all of that. There’s so much to do in the days leading up to your wedding (any last-minute beauty treatments, collecting your dress, packing for your honeymoon, seeing friends and family who have travelled far for your wedding… I could go on!). However much you think you’ll want to set up your wedding, it will be a lot more relaxing to leave this to a professional who knows your vision and can do this for you.


Rather than expecting your mother or maid of honour to be responsible for certain jobs, I will be there to do them. Your mum and bridesmaids are some of your closest people in your life. You want them to fully enjoy the wedding, relax and not feel like they are on duty all day.


Help the photographer to coordinate the group photographs. This is often the most stressful part of the day for most wedding photographers. You want them to enjoy taking these pictures as that’s when the best photographs are taken. As your wedding coordinator, I’ll be able to group the right people up (with the help of the bridal party!), when they are needed for photographs.


If the music is too loud or the lights are too bright, I am already on it and will be sorting it. I am your eyes and ears and will be one step ahead of you, making sure they day is perfect for you because, as your wedding coordinator, that is all I will be focused on.


I’ll manage all your suppliers on the day. Everyone from the kitchen, to the band, the florist and your photographer. Everyone will know the detailed timeline (which I will have distributed before the day) but if there are any changes (for a multitude of different reasons) I’ll communicate this with them. I will also be able to give them adequate notice to make sure they are all ready. This all helps to make sure the day runs to schedule. I’ll also make sure they are behaving in a way you’d expect. Most wedding suppliers are very professional but if for any reason one of them needs a little word with, as a wedding coordinator, that’s my job.


I can be responsible to pay any suppliers that need to be paid on the day, leaving you or someone from your wedding party to relax safe in the knowledge they are not responsible for hundreds or thousands of pounds in cash!


Anything unexpected that happens on your wedding day I will be there to sort it out. I am well versed at dealing with a whole host of problems. My role will be to sort them out before they become anything significant on your wedding day. Weddings can be emotional days, having someone slightly removed can really be a benefit if something unexpected happens, allowing you and your families to be relaxed and charming hosts.

These are just 10 ways I can be helpful to you as a your on-the-day wedding coordinator. If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help make sure your wedding plans runs perfectly, please get in touch here. As always, I offer a complementary consultation to find out about your wedding, the support you’re requiring and also to make sure we’re a good fit!

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