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Top Tips When Having a Marquee Wedding

Top Tips When Having a Marquee Wedding 1350 900 Victoria Sykes Events

I love marquee weddings for many reasons; they can be as big or as small as you like so you don’t have to be restricted on guest numbers (location space dependant!), marquees are blank canvases so you can style them however you wish, you’re not confined by restrictions often put on by venues like what time your wedding must start and finish by. You can also put a marquee almost anywhere so wherever you want your wedding, you can have it with a marquee. I could go on but those are some of the reasons why I love a marquee wedding…

…However, there are some things to consider when planning a marquee wedding. A marquee wedding is a lot more work than having your wedding at a venue. For one, you don’t have a venue coordinator who will guide you through the planning process and do the behind the scenes jobs which, as a bride or groom, you wouldn’t necessarily know about or what to do either. You are also working with a complete blank space so you’ll need to bring everything to the space from toilets to a generator, a kitchen, tables and chairs…. There is a lot to think about on top of everything else involved in planning a wedding. It’s a good idea to hire a wedding planner if possible. Wedding planners will not take over the show, they’ll just be able to guide you to ensure everything is covered and do some of the legwork for you too, leaving the fun and exciting parts of planning your wedding to you!

  1. Power!

You’ll need to hire in a generator to provide power. This will be for everything from the kitchen, sounds and lighting, the toilets and anything else that will need a power supply. Find out from each of your suppliers how much power they need to make sure you hire a big enough generator. It’s 100% worth spending a little extra for a very well reputed generator company as there will be nothing worse than the power going on your wedding day! Also find out who will be laying the cabling and make sure this is done properly, this will all need to be coordinated with the marquee company and you’ll need know where power is required.

  1. Access

When deciding where your marquee is going to go you need to think about access. Your marquee company will help you with this but it needs to be thought about carefully. If access is narrow and only one large vehicle can pass at a time make sure you schedule in your deliveries and collections and ensure each supplier knows their allocated timeslot. Also, think about the swing space, you might have enough space width wise but is there enough space to turn.

  1. The Kitchen!

As well as your actual marquee where all the festivities will be happening, you will need a second marquee or space within the main marquee for the kitchen. You need to find out from the caterer how much space they need and make sure you have space for it. I always suggest a second tent from a noise point of view. There isn’t much sound proofing and however quiet the catering company tries to be, it can be distracting and doesn’t the perfect atmosphere if you can hear plates being scraped and glasses chinking while speeches are being delivered! Alternatively discuss this with your caterer to make sure they make extra sure to be quiet when needed, for example when the speeches are being delivered.

  1. Lighting

Lighting can make such a difference when creating the perfect atmosphere. Think about when the natural daylight will start to fade and where you need lights from a practical perspective and also for a ambience and style too. Also remember to pay attention to the outside areas and make sure the exit is well lit for the end of the day. If you have a marquee with guide strings, these need to be visible to prevent any accidents!

  1. Parking

When thinking about parking make sure the cars won’t be an eyesore from all your hard work making your wedding look beautiful. Perhaps you can make a carpark behind the marquee where no guests will go. Or is there a nearby field where your guests can park and walk over? Do remember to think about all your guests, if you have any guests with disabilities you need to consider them. You also need to provide parking for your suppliers. This could be a different place than your guests but all things that need to be thought about.

  1. The Loos!

My clients first reaction when discussing the facilities is to just go for the cheapest options as they cost more than they had expected. But after considering it, they often choose to go for nicer toilets. Remember, your guests have dressed up in their finery, you’re in a wedding dress, do you really want to go into a port aloo on your wedding day?! I would say a few hundred pounds is worth spending in making you and your guests comfortable and not dreading a festival toilet experience!

I’ll leave it there for now! If you do want any help in planning your marquee wedding I offer a range of services. All of them are bespoke so I can cater my help to your needs, being as involved (or not!) as you want. As always, I offer a complimentary consultation to understand what you’d like help with and it also gives us the chance to get to know each other a little to see if we’d work well together, which is very important when working with a wedding planner. Just send me a quick message here if you’d like to book one in.