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3 Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Atmosphere on Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is a day for you and your partner to declare your love and commitment to one another in front of your nearest and dearest, followed by a celebration. Most of my clients tell me that it’s important to create something which is personal and unique to them and which can be enjoyed by all present. This is what I love to do! A great way of achieving this is the atmosphere and ambience of your day. An atmosphere is one of the key ways your wedding will be remembered by you and all of your guests for years to come.

“I’ve learn that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forgot how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

I think this quote perfectly sums up why I think it’s important to consider the atmosphere of your wedding day. When planning your wedding have a think about; How do you want to feel? How do you want your guests to feel? The atmosphere you create is what is felt and is what will be remembered for longer than anything else.

Here are 3 ways to create the perfect atmosphere:


Music is known to evoke emotions and feelings. The music you play will alter how your guests feel. If you play calm and relaxing music that’s how your guests will feel. If you play upbeat music your guests are more likely to be in the mood to move and dance. Have a think about the different atmospheres you want to create throughout the day and how you want guests to feel and use the music to help your create this.

A harp playing in the background of your drinks reception will create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, whereas a jazz trio will create more of a fun and upbeat vibe.

Wedding Music


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Lighting can make such a difference to how we feel and the overall atmosphere of a space. For example, warm lighting makes you feel cosy and relaxed and cooler lighting is more energising. Thinking about how you use lighting at home, for example candle light in your bathroom if you want a calm and relaxing bath or brighter light when you’re working and getting things done.

You can really transform a space using lighting. For example if you’re using the same space for your drinks reception and for the dancing later on, you can use lighting to really change how the space feels and the overall atmosphere.


Your guests’ energy levels can really effect the atmosphere of a wedding. The timings are important to this in terms of how energised they are at different points of the day.

If they have been stood for 2 hours during a drinks reception, their energy levels are likely to have dipped as they might be feeling hungry with achy feet. Or if they have been sitting, eating and drinking for a few hours, the energy might have naturally mellowed out. If you want to overall atmosphere to change you can use music, or lighting and get people moving before the next part of your day officially starts.

I am known for proactively using the time between the wedding breakfast and the dancing to naturally create a more upbeat atmosphere. This means that once the band start, everyone is itching to get on the dance floor! Thinking about your timings and how your guests may be feeling will make a big difference to your wedding day.

Wedding Timings
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If you would like some help with planning how to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day, I’d love to hear from you. I always offer a complimentary consultation to all prospective clients, please contact me here to have a chat!