8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Personal To You

8 Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Personal To You 900 600 Victoria Sykes Events

Every couple I work with wants to make their day personal to them. They want their guests at their wedding to keep thinking, ‘This is SO them!’. Making your wedding day personal to you can be something which many couples struggle with so I have written some of the best ways to make your wedding day personal to you!


Ask friends and family who have a talent to perform or offer their services!

I think most of us can recall the famous scene in Love Actually when Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Juliet (Keira Knightly) walk up the aisle when their friends plan a surprise rendition of ‘Love Is All You Need’ popping up in the church to play their part. I’m sure this made their day personal and memorable to all involved!
Most of us probably don’t know as many people who can sing or play an instrument! But if you have a friend or two who can do this, why not invite them to play at some point during your wedding? Or any other talents your friends might have which they can share. This could be anything! I have had friends and family of the happy couple making cocktails during a cocktail hour, helping with the flowers, even reading a personalised story written for the couple….


Hobbies and Interests

When I work with couples one of the first things I do is understand what their hobbies and interests are as this is often the best way to add their unique personalities into a wedding. Maybe you love to paint or draw, are you a shopping addict, a book worm, a lover of cars or golf? Whatever your interests are, make a list of them and see how you could incorporate these into your day.


Places you have visited

Lots of couples have spent time travelling together and many will have places which are special to them. Maybe a trip you took together where you fell in love, or a country you visited and created some of your favourite memories, the place you were when you got engaged or a village you visit which holds a close place in your hearts. Think of ways you can bring these locations into your day.

This couple named their tables after places which were significant to their relationship. Bantham Beach was were the groom proposed to the bride!


Charities and causes important to you

Perhaps there is a charity close to your heart that you have run marathons for or volunteer for? Or a cause very close to your heart. I have been to a wedding where the bride was an animal rights activist. The food served was all vegan which all the bride and grooms friends respected and understood that they weren’t going to serve animal products on their wedding day. This certainly made it personal to them!


Cultural Heritage

Are there any cultural rituals or traditions from either sides of your family heritage? It would be a nice idea to include some of these into your day. Just remember if it’s something a little different, make sure you explain the tradition or ritual to your guests in some way, so they can understand and appreciate the tradition.


The Menu

You can choose food and drinks which reflect you as a couple. It could be inspired by a holiday you’ve been on, dishes from your favourite restaurant or something you eat regularly but jazzed up a bit to make it extra special on your wedding day. It’s the same with the drinks. Do you have a favourite type of wine? Or a favourite cocktail to serve later in the day? All these little details will really make your wedding day feel very unique and personal to you two as a couple.



Is there an activity you do with your friends or family that you all love to do? Perhaps you and your friends take part in a pub quiz? How about a quick 15-minute quiz round between courses or after dinner before the dancing starts? Or do you love playing games at dinner parties? Think about games you could all play together or leave instructions on each table for your guests to initiate themselves. You could also think about entertainment other than music which is something you love? A bride I worked with last year wanted some funfair rides. She loves rides and wanted to share that love with all her guests. This provided many hours of fun and laughter for their guests and great photos too



Music really sets the tone for a wedding and can help to make the day feel like the two of you. Think about how you want your guests to feel and choose music which will encourage these feelings. Perhaps there is a genre you both love? Play some of that music during your day. If you want your guests to dance, do be mindful of them and ensure that you are playing music everyone will enjoy at some point.

It’s a good idea (and fun!) to sit down with your partner and make lists of things which make you unique, both together and as individuals too. Discuss some ideas of how you can include those in your day to make your wedding personal. Some elements where it’s easier to inject your personalities are;

Table names, Favours, Décor, Readings, Food, Drinks.

Remember to enjoy the different parts of your wedding planning, it can’t be done overnight so don’t feel stressed if you can’t come up with ideas straight away. As with anything creative, leave your mind to come up with some ideas while you’re not focusing on it too much!
I always love to hear how you’re putting your own stamp on your wedding day, feel free to get in touch and tell me!
If you are looking for any help with your wedding planning, please do get in touch for a non-comital initial chat.

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