Azura – Fire Emblem Fates Guide

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Azura – Fire Emblem Fates Guide

The unit Azura is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Fates. Much like the main avatar Corrin, Azura is of royal birth but was captured and raised by a rival

Conquest Step 10: Use a Level 37 Kinshi Knight Azura to trivialize the map

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I will be playing an Ironman challenge run of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest on Lunatic Difficulty. This’ll be pretty rough. I’ll start from chapter 1 and try to proceed to the end of the game.

I won’t be using DLC, though I will allow amiibos and other things like it, as long as it’s not from the Dragon’s Gate menu. I won’t be hiring outside units from other players, either.

In Ironman runs, I am not allowed to reset the game, use savepoints, or save states. Each action or occurrence is as a result, permanent. Any characters that die will remain dead for the rest of the run, and if I lose the game, the run is over.

If I fail the run and need to restart, I will begin at the Branch of Fate, meaning I will not need to replay chapters 1-6. This is mostly because the earlier chapters aren’t really part of the Conquest route.

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Fire Emblem Fates – Azura’s Dance Cutscenes – Real [email protected] (English+Japanese)

These are the iconic cutscenes from Fire Emblem Fates that include Azura dancing and singing different versions of Lost in thoughts of all alone. She has a Hoshido dance in Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and a Nohr dance in Fire Emblem Conquest. I have enhanced the video to 60FPS for better viewing experience.

0:00 [ENG] Azura’s Dance Light Version
0:52 [ENG] Azura’s Dance Dark Version
1:42 [JP] Azura’s Dance Light Version
2:34 [JP] Azura’s Dance Dark Version

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FE Conquest Lunatic Guide: Azura

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