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How a Wedding Planner can help with your wedding planning

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I often get asked what a wedding planner does and to be honest, all my wedding planning clients require a different level of support based on their lifestyle and their desire to be involved in the planning process. My full wedding planning service covers anything from a very collaborative experience, where I recommend suppliers and ideas based on conversations we’ve had, and my client will look at the different options, speak to suppliers and then I’ll help them make decisions. Other clients are very busy, they want an amazing wedding that reflects them as a couple but are too busy to have much involvement.  We will have conversations when required but I am entrusted to plan the whole wedding from start to finish. Here are some of the services I offer in varying degrees depending on your needs and requirements for my full wedding planning clients:

  • Help you set a realistic wedding budget. I’ll help you to assign the budget to the different elements of the wedding based on your priorities and of the type of wedding you want to have.
  • Help you to decide the style of wedding you want. There is a wealth of inspiration out there, but it can get overwhelming. I can help you create a Pinterest board which depicts a style, theme, colours etc which reflect you as a couple and give off the right atmosphere you want for your day. We will use this throughout the planning process to help imagine new ideas and to make decisions.
  • Show you the best wedding venues and locations based on the style of wedding you want, your budget and number of guests.
  • Recommend the best photographers, caterers, florists, bands, hair and makeup artists and any other suppliers that suits your budget and style. I can make or attend meetings and appointments with your suppliers for you too.
  • Keep a master document tracking all ideas and decisions we make along the way. It’s best to have these all in one place to ensure the planning is organised, in check and that nothing is forgotten about. This will have all details like the types of flowers in the bouquet, what music will be playing at different parts of the day through to what food and drinks will be served.
  • Check your contracts to make sure everything is correct and in your best interest. I’ll handle any negotiations that need to be done from a contractual or price perspective.
  • Manage all the communication with your suppliers and venue and keep you in the loop and updated when required.
  • Catch up with you frequently to ask your thoughts on different elements and help you make final decisions for anything and everything to do with your wedding.
  • Carefully devise a wedding day timeline so that everyone involved in the wedding day knows what is happening when. From the hair and makeup artists knowing when to arrive, to the bar knowing when to pour 150 glasses of champagne, through to the band knowing what time they need to be set up by and perform.

I also carefully go through the wedding timeline to make sure your guests feel looked after, entertained and comfortable at all points of the day.

  • I can handle the invitations from the designing and wording though to addressing, mailing and then tracking RSVP’s.
  • Planning your wedding is a lovely time of your life but it can be stressful. I will help to alleviate that stress by assisting with the huge amount of work it takes to plan a wedding. However, weddings can often bring out emotions and opinions in people that you may disagree with. I can be your confidant to talk to about your wedding stresses and help you manage any disagreements with your families and friendships that may arise.
  • I’ll be at your wedding to manage the day. Setting up, ensuring all the vendors are doing what was agreed, handling anything unexpected, calming any nerves, making sure the day is running to schedule and then I’ll make sure everything is packed up at the end too.

One thing to remember is that I can get involved as little or as much you require and my fees reflect this. I don’t do all of the above with all of my full wedding clients, we discuss how much time you have to devote to your wedding planning and make a plan accordingly.

I always have a consultation with potential clients to find out a little about each other before we decide to work together. It’s important that we get on as I’m going to be involved in a very special and personal time of your life.

If you would like to have a no obligation complimentary consultation with me, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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